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Amazing >> I think Jeremy Brown is a genius. My boyfriend got this for me for my birthday, after dropping a few hints hearing about it from friends. I believe this is not only a beautiful project but it stands for something that I deeply believe in. I am an artist myself and I too believe that it takes patience, passion, dedication, creativity and an open-minded to have a successful career and relationship. This is not only a special keepsake, a constant reminder of love, a fun creative outlet, but memory that will last a lifetime. Every couple should do this. Thank you for this amazing gift. I can only hope that it some point in my life I can meet you and give you a hug.

Unique and Sexy >>  "I bought this as a gift for my friend's bridal shower. It was a little more expensive than I wanted to spend but she's a good friend, loves art, and I thought this was too interesting to pass up. I also like the way it is packaged. It was a hit."

Oh Yes >>  "I bought this for my husband and I for our one year wedding anniversary. We had so much fun getting "dirty" and rolling around in the paint. It was even more fun to wash it off each other after we were finished. ;) We both love all kinds of art, so this was really unique because we made our own piece together. We used the paint to make one giant heart on the canvas, and two small hearts on the sides. It turned out looking like one big abstract heart. We love it and can't wait to hang it over our bed. I would recommend showering immediately after and then cleaning your shower right away."

Anniversary Fun >>  "I bought this for my wedding anniversary and it was so much fun. We've been together since high school (11yrs now) so it was a fun way to change things up. Love how it came with items to keep the paint contained."
Great product! >>  "This was an excellent gift, my husband loved it! Very unique and different from any other anniversary gift I was considering!"
Great gift for couples! >>  "I sent this to friends of mine that just got engaged and are moving in together...fun, romantic gift for grownups!"
Great Personal Shower Gift >>  "I bought this as a personal shower gift for my sister-in-law. She is a very talented and artistic person. I wanted to give something that would be fun and sexy, but unique to her personality. This was it!"
Messy & fun >>  "It is hard to find something to suprise my husband. After being married for 16 years...this was the perfect thing. It was a v-day gift and a great way to start off the evening. Spread the ink in a heart shape before "painting" and happy with the results. Though I could have just done a DIY version, I'm glad I bought it because the canvas was treated and the ink was dark enough to look good but still wash off well. Washing up was fun too!"
Very cool! >>  "I think this is a fantastic, unique gift for someone you love. It's a wonderful idea and the end result is attractive to hang in your bedroom."
Make Art For Every Wall In The House! >>  "This was a FABULOUS and very fun way to get close and creative intimately with my wife ... highly recommend this for lovers. The "clean up" after was as much fun as creating the art. Memorable moments. And now we have a lasting piece of art that will remind us of something very special. LOVE this!!!!!!!! The added bonus is that it will have people guessing what it is for years to come. :-)"
Great wedding gift >>  "We bought this for ourselves as a wedding gift. It is definitely a great way to commemorate the start of our married life. I'm looking forward to hanging our masterpiece over our bed and being able to always remember the start of this stage if our lives. Definitely the best gift we got!"
Loved it >>  "I gave this to my boyfriend in parts, first day the booties, next day the scrubby, next day plastic, next day the canvas, next day the paint- all with the labels taken off so he had no idea what it was, then on his birthday- our 2 year, I gave him the directions....keep him looking forward to it as much as I had been waiting for the day to get it. We loved it we put the pain on in 4 different spots in the shape of hearts and it turned out amazing!!!! I love it, best of all is when we have people over and they look at the painting and ask were it's from and we look at each other and smile and say "garage sale" hahah its out inside joke that will never end... I love it!!!!!"
Lots of fun! >>  "I surprised my husband with this for Valentine's Day. He was impressed! It was fun and different. We laughed and had a great time. Most of the paint came off pretty easily...we would def recommend this. :)"

Great gift, very impressed. >>  "It came with clean up products, too. It arrived with everything you needed. We were very impressed with the quality of the products."
Perfect for honeymoon. >>  "We are a modest artsy couple and bought this for our wedding night. Super fun and a sweet momento. Was extremely messy and took a long time to clean off (not a bad thing). Since we are fairly modest, we are going to lie about the painting that we plan on hanging over our bed, and say that we bought it on our honeymoon."
GREAT fun! >>  "I bought this for our 15 year anniversary! It was the perfect gift. He wanted to skip dinner and make the art right when he opened it. The only thing I recommend is to warm the paint somehow... not sure what that means, but it was COLD! We also used another reviewer's idea and painted hearts on the canvas first. Turned out great.
Excellent bridal shower gift >>  "I ordered this for a friend's bridal shower. I wanted to find something not on her registry, since it was all very practical stuff, and I wanted to find something no one else would have thought to give to her. She is a very expressive person and also very crafty. This was perfect. I cannot wait to see the finished product."
THE BEST wedding gift EVER!!!! >>  "A great wedding gift...anniversary gift for a "fun-loving" couple. It might intimidate some, but it IS a beautiful expression of love! I plan on giving one to each of my girlfriends - they are gonna love the time spent with their spouses!"

Attention Catching Gift! >>  "This product received so much attention when I gave it as a gift to my cousin on her bachelorette party night! Everyone loved the idea of making such a sweet (and sexy) memory with her new spouse!"

Awesome experience, high recommend >>  "My husband and I celebrated our 10th Valentine's Day with the Love is Art kit. The drop cloth is huge, so no worries about messes. It was such an awesome experience1 The paint really does wash off pretty easily. We loved it and highly recommend!"
Fun, easy to use and sexy. >>  "My husband and I had a great time using Love is Art. We are excited to hang it and appreciate it for years to come."
Quality materials >>  "I liked that it was something different - something young and hip - not the same ol' boring lace and green punch typical wedding what-not."
Wonderful idea!  >>  "This was the most unique gift I've ever given and it was wonderfully received!"
Our dirty little secret. >>  "Great gift for my boyfriend. I wanted to do something special with him that would help us begin our new love and help him decorate his new apartment. Load of fun."
Amazingly unique. >>  "My husband and I gave this to friends as a wedding gift and they loved it! This is a great gift for friends who are relaxed and adventurous."